Black Raspberry Fortune Cookies

Black Raspberry Fortune Cookies

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Just in time for Halloween, Fancy Fortune Cookies® announces a brand new fortune cookie flavor.

Black raspberries are among the best of the brambles, and the earliest to appear. With a sweet yet tart flavor they are subtle and loved by all. Now you can enjoy their juicy goodness all year long, without the thorns, when you try fortune cookies in Sweet Black Raspberry.

Black fortune cookies are perfect for elegant events. With their dark black color they add spice and intrigue to any event. To up the elegance consider having your Black Raspberry Fortune Cookies dipped in chocolate. Chocolate covered fortune cookies add a sense of decadence to any occasion. Our premium belgian chocolates are loved by all and candy sprinkles complete the look.

For practical jokers the perfect favor for 50th birthday parties. During the fall, personalized back raspberry fortune cookies make the most unique individually wrapped treat for trick-or-treaters. If you are having an adults only Halloween party then custom flavored fortune cookies might be the treat for you when you personalize them with adult themed messages.

Package of 50.

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