Giant Fortune Cookie - Pumpkin Pie Flavored

Giant Fortune Cookie - Pumpkin Pie Flavored

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Remember the flavor of mom's home-made pumpkin pie?

Well imagine that in a gigantic fortune cookie, then dipped in decadent dark chocolate. You'll need to break out the whip cream for this gigantic fortune cookie made with real pumpkin. Imagine your favorite piece of pumpkin pie covered in rich dark chocolate... Mmm. Your giant fortune cookie gift is sure to stand out and be loved by all!

Each Holiday Pumpkin Pie Gigantic Fortune Cookie arrives wrapped in quality French-style Cellophane, surrounded by cheerful red and green sizzle shred, and carefully packaged in a Christmas white gift box – It’s all the wrapping you’ll need! Perfect for Halloween! College Students during midterms! Thanksgiving gifts! And so much more!

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