Orange Flavored Fortune Cookie Gift Tin

Orange Flavored Fortune Cookie Gift Tin

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These flavorful orange fortune cookies combined with sweet chocolate deliver a moment of unrivaled chocolate intensity, sure to be remembered. Surprise someone or treat yourself with this beautiful gift tin filled with a dozen of our chocolate covered and decorated gourmet fortune cookies. Each individually wrapped fortune cookie contains a traditional Chinese “good luck” style fortune. You will receive an assortment of our high-end milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate covered fortune cookies.

Zesty orange chocolate covered fortune cookies will be a big hit and a truly unique edible gift! Perfect for Birthday's, companies with orange corporate colors, Halloween treats, or any one who loves oranges and chocolate!

Traditional Chinese Fortune Cookie Sayings Inside Each Gourmet Fortune Cookie
The perfect way to wish friends, family or corporate clients a very Merry Christmas! Each chocolate covered fortune cookie is hand-dipped in an assortment of our finest milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate then. Good fortune is sure to be had by all when you send this unique edible gift.

Tin of 1 Dozen Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies